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“The grocery store method”, after doing business with us, if we have to hide from you, or you from us, we are doing it wrong.

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About Bryan Jones -Owner of Avid Real Estate Solutions Today

I’m a 20-year military service member looking forward to retirement soon. I have been in the U.S. Navy, Ohio Army National Guard, and finally, back to the U.S. Navy (reserves). My “why” is to help people in challenging real estate situations. When things don’t go as planned, my company helps by promoting positivity and formulating real solutions. Everything I do in this company is intended to put your mind at ease during this uncomfortable time. I know what you’re going through. I watched family and friends lose real estate because they didn’t have the right knowledge to make an informed decision. My goal is to give aid to those who need it. At Avid Real Estate Solutions Today, we don’t buy every property. However, we do all we can to help homeowners out of ANY situation they’re experiencing.

“…Even though me and my husband gave up on trying to sell it, Bryan never did… Finally, the house was sold and I thank him for his professional advice and being committed to finding a solution.” -Denise Taylor

Our Company

Avid Real Estate Solutions Today is a real estate solutions company based out of Cincinnati.  We’re a Veteran-Owned & family-operated business. We operate by “The grocery store method”. After doing business with us, if we have to hide from you, or you from us, we are doing it wrong. We create situations of mutual benefit, and if the transaction does not benefit each party, we provide the information we can and part ways. We always treat you with dignity and respect, giving an overall positive human experience. Our focus is on helping homeowners like you find solutions for your problems whether you’re going through a foreclosure, probate, can’t sell your property, are embarrassed about the property, or any number of reasons. Don’t think we can help? Give us a call and let us prove ourselves, you won’t be disappointed.

Our Core Values

We fuse Helpfulness, Positivity, Honesty, and Integrity to create our Moral Compass. Our Moral Compass is our ability to judge what is right and wrong and act accordingly. No one should leave an appointment with us and not be in a better place than when we first arrived.

“…We learned more from Bryan in 2hrs compared to what we thought we knew in a lifetime…” -Greg & Denise Cook

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