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Our mission at Avid Real Estate Solutions Today is to deliver solutions for homeowners and property owners looking to sell quickly and hassle-free. We provide an easy exit strategy through direct purchases of your residential or commercial real estate. With all-cash offers and fast closings, we streamline the sales process so you can transition your property on your timeline. Our goal is to be the premier real estate solution for sellers who want to offload properties through a convenient sales experience and fair pricing. Let us take the stress out of selling so you can move forward.

How We Got Started

Welcome to Avid Real Estate Solutions Today! My name is Bryan Jones. With over two decades of military service as a retired Navy Chief, I understand discipline, perseverance, and leading by example. Six years ago, after my family lost some properties simply because we lacked real estate knowledge, I decided to pursue a new path in real estate investing. Now, after half a dozen years of successfully buying and selling investment properties, I’m driven to share my knowledge and help others avoid costly mistakes.

When not closing deals, you’ll find me spending time with my family, traveling to new places, and constantly striving to improve myself both personally and professionally. I take pride in providing honest guidance and efficient solutions to other investors and property owners looking to sell quickly. With over 22 years of experience leading teams and problem-solving, I bring a wealth of expertise to my real estate business. My goal is to build wealth for my family while also helping others win. If you’re looking for straightforward answers and strategic investing advice, contact us today.

How We Buy Houses

You’re looking to sell your home quickly, and we’re looking to buy. We use a straightforward, hassle-free process called direct buying to acquire residential properties just like yours. Learn more about our residential real estate solutions.

Here’s how it works: contact us and let us know about your home and why you need to sell. We will come take a look and make a competitive cash offer, often in just a day or two. Because we have funding ready, we are able to close on your timeline, getting you the cash you need fast while avoiding bank financing. We buy all kinds of residential properties – houses, condos, townhomes. So if you have a home you need to sell as-is and want to avoid the time and uncertainty of listing it, direct buying is for you. We’re ready to make a fair cash offer and close quickly.

How We Buy Commercial Properties

Looking to offload a commercial building or land? Our direct buying approach streamlines the process. We purchase commercial real estate of all types – office buildings, retail centers, apartments, vacant land – directly from sellers, no listing required.

Here’s how it works: contact us and describe your property. We can move quickly to evaluate it, make an all-cash offer, and close on your timeline. Because we have funds on hand, we can buy without financing contingencies. Our direct process gives you a quick, certain exit while avoiding the hassles of listing, showings, and negotiations. If your commercial property isn’t ideal for financing or you don’t want to wait months for a qualified buyer, we’re ready to make an offer. We specialize in flexible, fast closings. We buy as-is, so you don’t have to sink money into repairs or upgrades. If you have a commercial property that needs to sell quickly, let’s talk. We can provide a cash solution that meets your needs. Learn more about commercial real estate solutions.

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