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How Avid Real Estate Solutions Today Works

Welcome to Avid Real Estate Solutions Today, where we transform the process of selling your property into a smooth, straightforward experience. Our approach is tailored to meet the unique needs of homeowners like you, who seek efficiency, fairness, and transparency in their real estate transactions. On this page, we’ll guide you through our entire process and how it works. Whether you’re facing time constraints, dealing with property challenges, or simply looking for a hassle-free sale, discover how Avid Real Estate Solutions Today is your trusted partner in achieving your real estate goals.

Is Avid Real Estate Solutions Today LLC a scam?

This is the obvious question for many first-time cash sellers. The short answer – Not at all!  Avid Real Estate Solutions Today provides solutions to sellers facing difficult real estate problems. 

What does this mean though? It means is we have faced a multitude of sellers with real estate, looking for a solution to problems such as foreclosure and properties needing repairs where the seller doesn’t have the funds to complete the repairs before the sale. In that scenario, conventional loans won’t finance those transactions. We have worked with landlords stuck in situations where they are tired of being in the real estate business, and want to offload a portfolio of properties, or they have a situation where they cannot evict their tenant(s), and much much more. 

A past seller’s family member died inside the property, he was there for months before they found him. He was a severe hoarder and the seller was lost on what to do next. When she reached out to me,  she refused to enter the property and advised me to proceed at my own risk. The smell was beyond terrible, there was a roach infestation, mice, and other creepy crawlers like raccoons in the attic. We bought that house, cleaned it up, fixed it up, and sold it. We made money on it, and so did the seller. What other options would the seller have had? The seller’s realtor friend refused to walk it, the seller didn’t have the money to clean it nor the mental capacity to see how her family member had been living for all those years. We took care of all that! She did not have to clean anything out, she didn’t have to pay the closing costs, she didn’t have to set up the closing, she didn’t have to do anything except sign a purchase agreement, show up to closing, sign paperwork, and collect a check.

That’s what it means when I say we provide solutions to sellers facing difficult real estate situations. There are countless examples of situations that just don’t fit the conventional method of listing your home with a real estate agent and selling it. The average property owner is NOT our clientele, we have realtors we work with, so we can list any property; however, that’s not who we are actively looking for. One of the first options we give is, have you considered listing with an agent? Most of the time the answer is “yes, but…” That “but” is usually the reason they are reaching out to us. The process is too slow and they need cash now, or this situation is so unique that a traditional listing won’t work. We have even partnered with sellers, completing the rehab and upon sale, we are made whole and then split the profits 50/50. There are so many solutions that we provide, where a traditional sale just will not work. 

“We Buy Houses” Buyers Just Steal Houses From Owners

There are some dishonest people out there. That is the world we live in; however, we give you full transparency by involving a title company to protect the seller and our interests. The title company provides the title search, protecting my interest, so we know we are getting a clear title. 

The title company also investigates my background to ensure I’m not some con artist taking property from people, which protects your interest. At the signing, all parties are verified as to who they are so everything is legit. Most real estate transactions generally go through a title company, and if they don’t; that may be a red flag that something may not be up to par.

Avid Real Estate Solutions fixer-uppers and modern builds

Why Do We Buy “Unsellable Houses”?

First and foremost this is a business and any business is looking at profitability, but our passion is to help. It just so happens that alongside helping, we make a profit. Our goal is to ensure that the seller is in better shape than when we initially spoke. We offer guidance in situations such as probate, procedures for eviction, and even foreclosure. We have helped several people stave off foreclosure and bring their accounts current, through us, as well as other resources that are available through the county from federal resources. That means we help them keep their house, we didn’t buy it. Sellers that we are unable to assist in keeping their property, have found other solutions we provided more beneficial than losing their home to foreclosure. Our solutions afforded the seller the opportunity to be done with the property, and still maintain the ability to be lendable for future home ownership. 

Getting in touch with us is easy! Simply reach out to us through a form on our website, give us a call, or send us an email. We’re here to listen to your situation, understand your needs, and provide a personalized solution that works best for you.

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How Does All This Work?

Once we are at a point where this is what each party wants, we set up an appointment to come see the property. We don’t make offers over the phone, because we haven’t seen the property. We set up a time to see the property, make our assessment of repairs, and propose the solution on the spot. For many, they want a cash offer, and that’s nothing wrong with that. We analyze home values and agree on the values of the homes in the area, agree to the work that would be needed to bring the home up to the current year’s standard, figure out our profit, and make our offer based on that. Our profits vary, but we have a breakeven point we have to be above to be profitable and the offer reflects that. 

Homes in the area value: $100,000

Costs: 20% of the value will be deducted to account for listing fees once the renovation is complete, staging, taxes, closing costs, money holding costs, etc. 

Repairs needed for this property: $23,850  (Renovation is updating kitchen and bathrooms, with a turnaround of two months, and another two months to get it sold.)

For this property, we would shoot for a 20% profit margin, but realistically it would be closer to 15%. Houses with lower values are critically affected by the repair cost needed. 

Value $100,000 x Costs 80% = $80,000

$80,000 – Repairs $23,850 = $56,150

$56,150 – $15,000 = $41,150 

Our cash offer would be $41,150. But this would only be one of several options. Reach out to us to discuss what these options would look like for your home!

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We assess your property swiftly and provide a competitive cash offer based on current market values and the condition of your home.

Sell on your terms

In most cases, we can present you with a fair, all-cash offer in as little as 24 hours – with no obligations and no fees.

To a majority of sellers, they wouldn’t do this deal, and that’s ok. Again, we are not looking for those sellers who have no problem selling their property traditionally, but to the sellers with a situation that requires a different perspective, we are here. Sellers we have worked with in the past just want cash now, they don’t want to pay realtor fees or anything, and they want their cash yesterday. In those cases, we are their only solution, and due to this, we have closed In some cases as fast as five days from start to finish! 

That’s enough time to get an accepted offer, have the title search complete, and get on the title company’s schedule. This is great for the out-of-city son and daughter who lost their mom and now have to sell her home. A home that has not had any maintenance in the last 10-15 years. This is a specific situation we assisted and the sellers got a more than fair offer, without making any repairs, closing fees, or realtor fees, nor did they pay the back property taxes. We paid for all that at closing. That’s how all this works. 

What Is The Difference Between You And A Realtor? 

Let’s break that down into two parts, the difference and the actual process of listing. So you have both sides. The difference between us and a realtor. Well, the main difference is they have a realtor license, meaning they can broker deals together. They can bring you (seller) and me (buyer) together and collect a commission for doing so, through their brokerage. They are commission-based, so the higher they sell your home the more they make. It’s a business that is about profit as well. The perfect realtor and sale. The realtor will price your home right based on comps in the surrounding area, and advise you how you can list for a higher dollar amount, meaning repair this and that and we can list higher. The seller and realtor sign a contract that they can represent/assist you with the sale. Your place is cleaned up, professional photos are taken and the property is listed. You will begin to have showings, and potential buyers walking around your home. At this time you are waiting for offers to come in as the home is being marketed, this process can be a couple of months, average sit time depends on many factors.

The offer comes in and is either accepted right away or negotiations take place to arrive at an accepted price. Once the offer is accepted then the inspections and final negotiations take place. The process normally takes 30-45 days from signing the contract to closing but does not account for the time the property is on the market. The contracts all go through the title company and the closing happens at which time the seller gets paid and the realtor, if there is a buyer’s realtor the seller pays those commissions as well.  

This is not me trying to bad mouth realtors and get their business, what realtors do and what we do is needed! Besides we have realtors, I can’t say on staff, because they do not work for this company, but they can assist if we get sellers that are a better fit for listing their property. We are not licensed and do not bring outside buyers and sellers together. We purchase directly from the seller eliminating any realtor fees, we bring cash to closing so we skip the traditional 60-day closing time frame, we buy “as-is”, and the way we can do this is because we account for those repairs in the price. Everything else is as stated before on how we purchase properties. 

We come out, assess the property, and make you an offer. Once accepted we get the title work started, and bring our contractor to ensure nothing major was missed during the initial assessment, if something major like a foundation issue is missed we will renegotiate, not likely, but has happened. Our passion is to help, but each deal has to be beneficial for both parties involved or it’s not a good deal for either party. Once title work comes back and we are good to go, we set closing. This whole process can be done in as little as 5 days, from start to finish. No additional realtor fees, and no repairs, and if your situation warrants we pay all closing costs and taxes. We do not do this for every property, but we have in the past. 

With all that said the real difference is we walk your property once or twice and make you an offer, versus having multiple strangers in your property until you receive an offer.

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